[PRESS] MyCreditChain-Seoul National University Research Team Demonstrates Practical Value of Gift Economics with Data from Good Morning

Professor Kook Woong of Seoul National University’s IMDARC announces the results of the study.

MyCreditChain, which has launched “Good Morning”, a blockchain-based CNS (Closeness Networking Service) that utilizes friendship-based network among users, has announced on the 5th of August that it has succeeded in demonstrating the practical value of gift economics with the Seoul National University research team.

MyCreditChain has been collaborating with Seoul National University’s IMDARC (Industrial & Mathematical Data Analytics Research Center) since July for its second collaborative research on the actualization and visualization of the trust network based on real-world data of about 170,000 Good Morning service users. The study focuses on finding the impact analysis and evaluation methods based the network participants’ activity data accumulated through the Good Morning service, and discovering a way to build and visualize a trust network.

The “Good Morning” service is a gifting based networking service that provides material needs by sharing gifts. When sending greetings to others by gifting 5 Seeds every 24 hours per person, the Seeds will be converted to Fruits that can be turned into Tokens at a certain rate. The study confirms that this gift-based networking can be an innovative methodology for inferring trust between participants, and that the data generated is of sufficient commercial value.

Prior to this, MyCreditChain had conducted a collaborative research with Seoul National University’s IMDARC for the purpose of integrating the mathematical theory of trust index into the block chain and digital financial industries.

Professor Kook Woong, professor of the Industrial Mathematics Center at Seoul National University, has stated that, “We were able to analyze the actual data of the Good Morning Seed gifting and make judgments about Abusers and methodology for grouping various friendships.” He also added that, “we believe that we can extract trust data with the influence and interaction with those around us.”

Meanwhile, the MyCreditChain has a patent pending for this gift-based social networking service applied to “Good Morning”. The patent name is ‘METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COMPENSATING FOR BLOCK-CHAIN ​​NETWORK PARTICIPANTS’.

Source: Special Economy News Reporter Park Sook Ja <speconomy@speconomy.com>



The Good Morning service is a <Blockchain-Based Reward Social Networking Service> developed by MyCreditChain. Unlike existing social networking services, it offers a distinctive value by providing gifts called ‘Seeds’ in the form of ‘Likes’ that can be converted into MCC tokens. It is an innovative service that allows for the direct and indirect experience of cryptocurrency without the investment of money.

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