What Is KYC And Why Is It Required?

In the Blockchain filed, there is a saying, “If you want to see every perspective of a person, let him take the KYC process.”

Actually, once people try it, they often feel the limits of patience. Why do we need to go through this complicated and difficult KYC certification process to participate in the MCC token sale? And What does it mean?

What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?

The major reason for proceeding a KYC is to prevent illegal funds and money laundering. In other words, it could be a problem if illegitimate funds such as money from dealing drugs are mixed into ICO. You can think of it as identifying to prevent illegal and dangerous activities.

There are often people who were rejected while proceeding KYC.
 Let’s review the reasons.

The most common reasons for KYC failure is when they upload a picture.

[Example 1] — ID photo + Selfie of your own face with your ID card]

The photo should have been taken after covering up the number of the registration number.

[Example 2] — Passport photo + Selfie of your own face with your passport]

The photo must be taken after covering the passport number and registration number.

※ The above picture is a mosaic designed to protect personal information. Your details should not be covered when proceeding KYC.

What is the Good Morning Service?

The Good Morning service is a <Blockchain-Based Reward Social Networking Service> developed by MyCreditChain. Unlike existing social networking services, it offers a distinctive value by providing gifts called ‘Seeds’ in the form of ‘Likes’ that can later be converted into MCC tokens. It is an innovative service that allows for the direct and indirect experience of cryptocurrency without the investment of money.

▶️Download the Good Morning App : [Google Playstore] [App Store]
▶️[How to use Good Morning?]
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Building Trust with Your Data!

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MyCreditChain (https://www.mycreditchain.org) is

A blockchain-based, decentralized, Trust Data Distribution ecosystem in which individuals have the ability to capitalize on their own information and expand relationships through the MyCreditChain platform in order to create new credibility for the underbanked. Our goal is to return the ownership of personal information back to the individual and to create a free and equal society by giving the ability for each individual to reap benefits from their personal information and Trust Data.

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