[Notice] GoodMorn x indoPLAY Gold Purchase Available for Indonesia

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Hello, this is the Good Morning team.

As part of a partnership with MangoSoft, members will now be able to purchase ‘Gold’, used in indoPLAY games, with “Fruits” on the Good Morning app from July 25th.

This is part of a project to build a channel for the utilization of fruits that can be earned from the Good Morning Service. The first step has been taken by allowing the purchase of Gold for “indoPlay” members of the Indonesian game service, which has more than 25 million members.

Purchases can be made by transferring the Fruits and a message to the ‘Ms. Gold’ shown on the Indonesian user’s main page. Users can experience this simple and easy purchasing method when they transfer 10 Fruits from the Good Morning app to receive a coupon for 10,000 gold via email or SMS.

In addition, MyCreditChain is continuing to grow the use of MCC tokens and Fruit through various services such as shopping and healthcare services and expand towards more global areas in the future.

Thank you.

※ Game development company Mangosoft’s indoPLAY (www.indoplay.com), is a game publishing portal with more than 25 million members, and has developed popular poker games such as “Capsa Susun” in Indonesia.

What is the Good Morning Service?

The Good Morning service is a <Blockchain-Based Reward Social Networking Service> developed by MyCreditChain. Unlike existing social networking services, it offers a distinctive value by providing gifts called ‘Seeds’ in the form of ‘Likes’ that can be converted into MCC tokens. It is an innovative service that allows for the direct and indirect experience of cryptocurrency without the investment of money.

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Building Trust with Your Data!

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MyCreditChain (https://www.mycreditchain.org) is

A blockchain-based, decentralized, Trust Data Distribution ecosystem in which individuals have the ability to capitalize on their own information and expand relationships through the MyCreditChain platform in order to create new credibility for the underbanked. Our goal is to return the ownership of personal information back to the individual and to create a free and equal society by giving the ability for each individual to reap benefits from their personal information and Trust Data.

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