[PRESS] Watcha-GoodMorning-Hooxi-Gotchu… A Multitude of Blockchain Services Are Coming

From the beginning of the year, daily services utilizing blockchain technology are being rendered. These services evaluate users’ contribution based on their usage of the app and respectively rewards them with cryptocurrency.

It is of interest whether or not companies that started their development last year along with the blockchain craze will be able to prove the market potential of the blockchain service that rewards cryptocurrency as the companies are starting their full-scale service from this year.

Particularly, as blockchain platforms of industry-leading companies such as Naver, Kakao, NHN Entertainment, and Dunamu are being unveiled the first half of the year, it is expected that blockchain based services (Dapp) will be released one after the other.

■ ‘Watcha’ begins cryptocurrency distribution through UPbit

According to a related industry on the 23rd, reward services utilizing blockchain technology are being released one after the other in the market. ‘Watcha’, which offers cryptocurrency to its existing users as a reward, social networking service ‘Good Morning’, nature conservation activity related reward service ‘Hooxi’, and funding service for content creators ‘Gotchu’ are those.

A video service with more than 4.5 million subscribers, ‘Watcha’ evaluates the service contribution of its subscribers who have been using ‘Watcha’ until now and distributes cryptocurrency ‘Content Protocol Token’ (CPT) accordingly. From the 21st onwards, the ‘CPT’ distribution for existing members has started through ‘UPbit’, a cryptocurrency exchange.

A video streaming platform with 4.5 million subscribers, ‘Watcha’, started its cryptocurrency ‘CPT’ distribution through UPbit, a cryptocurrency exchange, as a reward for its users.

Users who received ‘CPT’ are able to purchase Watcha vouchers at a 20% discount through the ‘CPT store’ that is going to open this March. In addition to voucher purchase, the usage of CPT will be expanded to various cultural content consumption. Furthermore, Watcha plans to distribute CPT henceforward by continuously calculating its users’ contribution.

■ Social Networking Service ‘Good Morning’ and Environment Preservation ‘Hooxi’ start its services

‘Good Morning’, a social networking service launched by MyCreditChain as a beta version on the 7th, and ‘Hooxi’, an application that provides rewards for environmental preservation activities launched by W foundation last month are both typical blockchain based reward services.

‘Good Morning’ is a service that added a cryptocurrency reward function to a social networking service in which people exchange greetings. Users can send five ‘seeds’ to their friends every day. These ‘seeds’ can later be converted into cryptocurrency. Seeds that are exchanged between individuals are converted into ‘fruits’ according to a certain ratio. Once 50 fruits are accumulated, these fruits are converted into MyCreditChain (MCC) Tokens that can be exchanged into cash.

MyCreditChain started its beta service for ‘Good Morning’, a reward social networking service (SNS) based on blockchain technology

‘Hooxi’ is a service launched by W foundation last month with the aim of encouraging environmental preservation activities of its users. ‘Hooxi’ users receive environmental preservation missions that they can practice in their everyday life. After they fulfill their mission, they receive ‘W Green Pay’ as a reward. ‘W Green Pay’ can be used to purchase goods at the ‘Hooxi Mall’ and its use will later be expanded into offline stores.

Blockchain company BLOCKO also released a blockchain based service ‘Gotchu’ through the blockchain platform ‘Argo.’ ‘Gotchu’ proposes a vision that they will enable individual content creators to receive rightful investments for their individual value.

■ Naver-Kakao Blockchain Platforms will be revealed in the first half of the year

More blockchain based services are expected to be released during the first half of the year as blockchain based services are being launched one after the other since the beginning of the year. In particular, during the first half of the year, Korea’s leading internet company Naver and Kakao will launch blockchain based platforms shoulder to shoulder. Naver will launch ‘Link Chain’ through its Japanese subsidiary line while Kakao will launch ‘Klaytn’ through its subsidiary ground X.

It is expected that Naver and Kakao will introduce various blockchain based services along with their platform launching.

Recently released blockchain based services

In addition, ‘Pebble’, a project of NHN entertainment that claims to stand for a game blockchain platform, and ‘Luniverse’ platform, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange owned by Dunamu, are working hard to launch blockchain based services.

An industry participant stated, “Companies that expanded their investment last year after acknowledging the potential of blockchain technology are releasing services one after the other since the beginning of the year, verifying the value of blockchain. It is expected that this year will be the year of popularizing blockchain as platforms of companies with the goal of showcasing successful blockchain based services are being launched.”

Source: Financial News Reporter Heo Joon <jjoony@fnnews.com>

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What is the Good Morning Service?

The Good Morning BETA service is a <Blockchain-Based Reward Social Networking Service> developed by MyCreditChain. Unlike existing social networking services, it offers a distinctive value by providing gifts called ‘Seeds’ in the form of ‘Likes’ that can later be converted into MCC tokens. It is an innovative service that allows for the direct and indirect experience of cryptocurrency without the investment of money. Although it is still in its beta stages, we hope to receive much participation and review for the further development of a more enjoyable and innovative service.

▶️Download the GoodMorn App : [Google Playstore] [App Store]
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