[CS] What is “My Code”?

Hello! This is Good Morning CS Admin to share with you tips and tricks for the Good Morning app!

Today’s Good Morning secret key to gaining popularity!!

Let’s learn about “MyCode”!

What is “My Code”? Let’s find out!

* What is My Code?

My Code is a unique code that is generated only for you in the Good Morning app. If your friend recommended Good Morning to you, you can type in your suggested friend’s My Code, and also recommend the Good Morning app to others with a simple click. This is the secret key to gaining popularity!

* Check/Share “My Code”

[ Main – Right Menu – My Code – Share My Code]

Want to share your My Code with your friends? Check your My Code now! My code is used not only by inputting the text, but you can also generate a link and share your My Code just by pressing the share button. It’s so simple, right?

* Register Your Friend’s My Code

[Main – Right menu – My Code – Register Friend’s My Code]

Do you know your friend’s My Code? It’s so simple to register your friend’s My Code! Enter your friend’s code, press register and you’re done!

※ Only 1 My Code for a friend can be registered for each ID.

#Have Great Good Morning Today 🙂

#Become Rich Through Sensible Seeding!


What is the Good Morning Service?

The Good Morning BETA service is a <Blockchain-Based Reward Social Networking Service> developed by MyCreditChain. Unlike existing social networking services, it offers a distinctive value by providing gifts called ‘Seeds’ in the form of ‘Likes’ that can later be converted into MCC tokens. It is an innovative service that allows for the direct and indirect experience of cryptocurrency without the investment of money.

▶️Download the GoodMorn App : [Google Playstore] [App Store]
▶️[How to use Good Morning?]
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Building Trust with Your Data!

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MyCreditChain (https://www.mycreditchain.org) is

A blockchain-based, decentralized, Trust Data Distribution ecosystem in which individuals have the ability to capitalize on their own information and expand relationships through the MyCreditChain platform in order to create new credibility for the underbanked. Our goal is to return the ownership of personal information back to the individual and to create a free and equal society by giving the ability for each individual to reap benefits from their personal information and Trust Data.

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