MyCreditChain, Blockchain-Based ‘Reward Social Network Service’ Advances In Indonesia

MyCreditChain and EPIN Signs an MOU

[Financial Today Reporter Kim Han So] MyCreditChain, which is launching a blockchain based reward social networking service ‘Good Morning’ (GoodMorn), has reported on the 26th that it has expanded its business in Indonesian Markets.

MyCreditChain is advancing in local businesses by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) forming a strategic partnership with Indonesia’s largest PC Café management and digital advertising agency EPIN and game publishing portal with more than 21 million users

MyCreditChain (MCC) will work with Indonesian partners to proceed with various marketing campaigns through various outlets such as promoting its services and new business models. In November, the company also signed a business partnership with Indonesia’s largest mobile advertising platform, ‘Cashtree’, for its mobile platform marketing and the new partnerships will further strengthen digital marketing competitiveness in the global market.

EPIN, after branching out from a game publishing (Operations and Distribution) company KREON, has grown its PC Café management solution and platform advertising business by managing more than 17,000 PC rooms in Indonesia. It is the №1 PC Café media company with a market share of more than 65% in the Indonesian PC Café industry and is progressing even larger projects. Recently, they have acted as the local marketing agent for popular games such as Supercell’s mobile game Clash Royal and Clash of Clans, and PUBG Mobile serviced by Tencent and Bluehole.

In addition, MCC has formed a new business venture and joint marketing with Mangosoft’s, a game publishing portal with more than 21 million users.

MyCreditChain is considering ways to make MCC Tokens available to an abundance of existing services such as online gaming and shopping, which can be noted as one of the first attempts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. In the first half of next year, it plans to expand in Indonesia, South America, and Vietnam with the aim of starting full-fledged operation.

Prior to this, they have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for partnership with CorporateL in November which manages PC Cafés in 11 countries in South America including Peru.

CMO of MyCreditChain Uno Nam has stated, “The Indonesian market, which has the 4th largest population in the world with around 270 million people, is the largest market in Southeast Asia with unlimited growth potential. This business arrangement is a win-win breakthrough for the industry. The Southeast Asian market will be a strategic starting point for Good Morning’s global service and will show the strength of a blockchain based data distribution platform.”

The ‘Good Morning’ service, which MyCreditChain developed and released their first teaser on November 26th, is a new type of social networking service using a blockchain based Seed Networking technology. In the app, users will be able to exchange ideas and greet one another by gifting free points called “Seeds” and the points can be exchanged for money thereby creating a new type of investment based on friendship.

The Good Morning Service is currently proceeding a pre-registration event through their teaser homepage and those who participate could win the latest iPhone XS and MCC tokens. The ‘GoodMorn’ app will be available for download from the Google Play and App Store globally from January 7, 2019.

Source: Financial Today Reporter Kim, Han So<>

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