‘Earn Tokens by Communicating’… MyCreditChain, Secures 150,000 Users in Indonesia

MyCreditChain and EPIN Signs an MOU

MyCreditChain, a blockchain company which is launching a compensation social networking service ‘Good Morning (GoodMorn)’, announced that they have secured 261,000 pre-registered users[Updated 12/31] in Indonesia. The “Good Morning” mobile application (app) will be available worldwide on January 7th, 2019.

MyCreditChain, through the ‘Good Morning’ app, will provide points whenever an individual communicates with one another. The points can be exchanged to “MCC” then used offline. The business model of MyCreditChain will be that it gathers personal information with prior consent through platforms such as social media, telecommunication companies, public institutions, and financial institutions. Tokens are distributed to individuals who consent providing to personal information and the company will provide a gateway for the transaction of collected information to take place via the tokens.

The teaser website was released last November and in “Good Morning”, 5 Seeds will be given to each member daily. An individual user can send these 5 seeds to the person who he or she would like to send a message to. A non-member can also receive a seed. If all 5 seeds are not gifted, they will disappear within 24 hours after distribution and another 5 will be renewed. If an individual user gifts all the 5 seeds within the time frame of 24 hours, he or she will receive a seed as a daily mission reward. The Seeds received as a reward and from others as gifts will turn into Fruits.

After accumulating the Fruits, they can be converted to MyCreditChain Tokens(MCC) and exchanged for cash. An official from MCC has also mentioned, “It will soon be possible to use the exchanged MCC Tokens in PC Cafés all over Indonesia.” It’s not yet revealed as to how many seeds will be required for the MCC Token exchange.

With its Indonesian partners, MyCreditChain is planning to unfold various local marketing campaigns through the cooperation such as service promotion and new business propulsion. For now, MCC has signed MOUs with ‘EPIN’, №1 PC Café media company with a market share of more than 65% in the Indonesian PC Café industry, and ‘indoPLAY’, a game publishing portal with over 21 million members.

MyCreditChain has only just begun to expand its partnership so that ‘MCC’ tokens can be used not only for PC Café payments but also payments in-game and shopping. Uno Nam, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MyCreditChain, emphasizes that “The Indonesian market has an estimated 270 million people and shows infinite growth potential. We are planning to build the competitiveness of the blockchain based data distribution platform by expanding the Good Morning service worldwide with Southeast Asia as the strategic starting point.

Source: News1 Reporter Song, Hwa Yeon<hwayeon@news1.kr>

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Building Trust with Your Data!

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MyCreditChain (https://www.mycreditchain.org) is

A blockchain-based, decentralized, Trust Data Distribution ecosystem in which individuals have the ability to capitalize on their own information and expand relationships through the MyCreditChain platform in order to create new credibility for the underbanked. Our goal is to return the ownership of personal information back to the individual and to create a free and equal society by giving the ability for each individual to reap benefits from their personal information and Trust Data.

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